Andrew Simpson

Exercise Physiologist

KLT Coach: Level 2


Gold Coast

Andrew Simpson has always been passionate about exercise and the therapeutic effects it has on our bodies, so following a career as an exercise physiologist was a natural choice.

He believes that everyone should have the ability to enjoy being physically active and leading a life that is not constrained by mobility deficits.

Andrew earned his Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science from Griffith University Gold Coast Campus and a Bachelor of Business from the same institute.

Additionally he has certifications in Kinetic Link Training and Group Facilitation.

He started his career in 2006 working as a cardiac physiologist in Queens Hospital, Roehampton, predominately doing cardiac investigations. When he returned to Australia he focused on workplace rehabilitation and return to work in Central Queensland. While there he also facilitated injury prevention programs with mining companies.

Wanting to develop another skill, he then moved into health and wellness, helping executives maintain healthy lifestyles with exercise interventions.

Following that he started My Health Team with Mark Antonello in January 2012 where they combined experience to create a collaborative healthcare that helps people live healthier and happier lives.

Andrew loves working with people who have a strong desire to live an active life. A lot of his clients see the mobility issues their parents or friends are going through and want to avoid that themselves. He specialized in developing programs for those who have difficulty exercising due to aches or pains, particularly for those aged fifty plus.

When he is not working he enjoys spending time with his two beautiful young children. When they are not doing fun things as a family, he loves spending time surfing, cycling, and mountain biking.

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