Janet Bowden

Personal Trainer

KLT Coach: Level 2


North Ward
North Queensland

Janet Bowden owner and coach at Blue Bucket Fitness grew up chasing hockey balls around the parks and ovals in Mount Isa.  This love of team sport resulted in a life-long desire to be fit and healthy.

Janet’s career includes three decades in corporate media and training, prior to hanging up her suits and heels to pursue her passion for personal training.

Now residing in Tropical Townsville in North Queensland.  Blue Bucket Fitness provides supportive one-on-one training for over forties. “The majority of my clients are intimidated by the gym environment.  So training at Blue Bucket Fitness’ private studio gives clients the opportunity to gain confidence as they get stronger and fitter and move towards their goals.”

For Blue Bucket Fitness clientele Kinetic Link Training is a valuable tool because moving with ease and efficiency, and having the strength and control to be stable and balanced is so important as we age.  Blue Bucket Fitness clients also love the ‘mindfulness’ of Kinetic Link Training.

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